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About Freekicks

Freekicks Society of Canada  is a non-profit organization that utilizes soccer as a vehicle to inspire youth throughout the world to dream.  We believe that soccer benefits under privileged children in many ways. Soccer builds community, promotes teamwork, improves self-confidence and has positive physical and mental health benefits.  Freekicks donates the equipment, provides coaching, and ignites passion.  Most importantly, we impart the message of making positive choices to empower the youth we work with.    It is our strong conviction to teach children to become positive and compassionate individuals as they struggle with the daily hardships that life throws at them. 
Freekicks is not only a soccer development organization.  Our INTERNATIONAL programs also include health and environmental components.  For our health component we partner with a health NGO and facilitate HIV screens for locals to be tested for free.  We also provide mosquito nets for children and families who are in need, in order to help prevent Malaria.  For our environmental component - we assist in educating the locals on energy saving alternatives and in the near future we are planning to have a tree re-planting program. 
Our Founder, Adam Aziz has a dream of achieving ONE DAY OF PEACE in the world, where all wars cease for one day, and no one fights.  He envisions this ONE DAY OF PEACE to happen someday in the future during a World Cup Final match.  Adam believes that in order to achieve his final dream, two steps must be achieved first:
1.  Equipping the world with not only the physical equipment, but mentally providing kids and individuals with the wisdom to make positive change. 
2.  Creating infrastructure throughout the world to empower communities to establish and sustain positive change