About Freekicks

Freekicks Society of Canada is a non-profit organization that utilizes soccer as a vehicle to inspire youth throughout the world to dream.  We believe that soccer benefits underprivileged children in many ways. Soccer builds community, promotes teamwork, improves self-confidence, and has positive physical and mental health benefits.  Freekicks donates the equipment, provides coaching, and ignites passion.  Most importantly, we impart the message of making positive choices to empower the youth we work with.    It is our strong conviction to teach children to become positive and compassionate individuals as they struggle with the daily hardships that life throws at them. We have TWO missions, a local and an international, our Local initiative is called the Backyard Program where we go into at-risk or underfunded elementary schools in the lower mainland throughout the year and coach and give them equipment, also once a year we host a tournament called Spirit of Togetherness where we bring all of our innercity schools together to play in a fun soccer event. 
For our INTERNATIONAL side, we partner with churches and organizations to connect and identify the most at-risk and deprived communities to work with. Our programs include health initiatives, soccer development, and Gospel outreach.  For our health component, we partner with a health NGO's and facilitate HIV screens for locals to be tested for free.  We also provide lice shampoo, toothpaste & toothbrushes, and mosquito nets, for children and families who are in need, in order to help prevent Malaria.  For our environmental component - we assist in educating the locals on energy-saving alternatives and in the near future we are planning to have a tree re-planting program. For our Gospel outreach, we come together with local and international churches to proclaim the wonderful message of Jesus Christ and water baptisms.