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Adam Aziz


Football (soccer) was a passion for Adam from the time he began playing at age 6 on the streets of Dagenham, Essex (a suburb of East London).   Adam and his friends played on a soccer field that had two roads running through the pitch, and they often had to stop to let cars pass.  Soccer provided a sanctuary for Adam, and he spent most of his hours playing with his friends.  At age 9, he began playing competitively in an organized league for a team called Mayfair Athletic.  At Mayfair Athletic, Adam made new friends with the same type of upbringing and many of the players are friends which he still remains in contact with today. 


Adam was 10 when he had an experience that forever changed his view on humanity and giving back.  He took a journey into Central London on a day-long school trip, and was sitting on the top of a double-decker bus, looking out the window at the faces of the people passing by.  He was fascinated by the multitude of characters that his eyes could see.  Out of the corner of his eye, Adam could see a homeless of African descent man sitting on the steps of a concrete building, staring blankly into the distance and Adam was transfixed by this man.  As the bus pulled up to a red light, Adam had a chance to really take the moment in.  His heart broke not understanding why this man’s choices in life led him to homelessness. Adam made a choice in his heart that he would use his life to help people make positive choices, and his passion for helping others was developed. 


Adam’s father died when he was 18 and soon after he left England to travel the world for a year and a half.  Returning back to England after his travels, Adam fell out of love with the game that he and his dad shared so passionately.  It was at this time, living in the house that he grew up with his father, that Adam began suffering from depression and anxiety.  Feeling lost and struggling even to get out of his house and face life, Adam suffered so tremendously that he had moments of not wanting to live anymore.  During this trying time, Adam’s old coach from Mayfair, Mick Roberts reconnected with him and gave him a chance to play on a team that he was coaching.  Adam used his time on the pitch as an escape from reality where he could be free for 90 minutes, and soccer provided the same sanctuary that it provided to him as a child. Anxiety and depression could not take hold of Adam when he was playing soccer.  Adam then realized the power of soccer provided a true freedom and re-discovered his love for the game. 


Adam moved to Vancouver in 2006 to start a new life.  He had been to Vancouver three times previously, and knew that Vancouver would one day be his home.  Initially, the new environment provided him with reprieve from his depression, but eventually memories of his past caught up with him and his depression returned.  Searching for a permanent solution to enhance his life, Adam found Jesus Christ, and an overwhelming sense of peace and love.  With love and peace in his heart, Adam wanted to share it with the world and the essence of Freekicks was born.