Freekicks Backyard @ Admiral Seymour Elementary, Vancouver BC 

Our 5th Backyard Program took us to Admiral Seymour Elementary in Vancouver. It was an amazing experience for everyone who was a part of these fantastic sessions. We arrived at the school on May 31st and went all the way through to June 9th. The students were truly incredible and as the weeks progressed we got to hear their touching stories and make many wonderful new friends. The Impact Coaches were Nigel Marples, Nat Brewster, Kim McMullen, Lucas Robertson, and Adam Aziz. Every coach mentioned how awesome it was to be a part of a program like this and these moments will never be forgotten. As we came to the end of the program there was a huge change in the students, they were clearly moved that is was nearly over that they invited us to their graduation, so Catherine and Adam got suited and booted and had one of them special moments seeing the grade 7's graduate on to high school, a true blessing. We are excited to see some of these amazing students at our Spirit of Togetherness 2 this September.