Freekicks Backyard @ Britannia Elementary, Vancouver BC


Britannia Elementary is located in the inner-city of Vancouver. It is one of the most underfunded and at-risk schools in our Province. Freekicks has provided all equipment needed and over 15 coaching sessions between 2013-2015. Our first introduction to Britannia Elementary was back in the spring of 2013 where the Backyard Program was born. Founder, Adam Aziz, and Staff Greg Sawers took to the field with two bags of balls, a stack of cones, a bag of pinnies, and 8 stick-flags to use as goals. They had no idea what was about to happen or where it would take them, but with Adam's belief of creating a better world he knew it would have to start in his own backyard. Over 80 students were inspired throughout the 2 weeks of training. On October 9th 2013, the team has returned back to the school on the morning of their departure to Uganda, they surprised the school and students with brand new soccer equipment. The students were ecstatic to be able to represent their school with new uniforms and equipment. In the spring of 2015, Adam headed back once again with a new team, Nigel Marples, Andres Mariategui, and Jo-Ann Bateman to fulfill a promise he made to the students that he would return to run a futsal program. The team was greatly received by the school and produced a fantastic program that motivated them to play.


"We believe with just one act of kindness it can change a person’s heart forever"




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