Freekicks Backyard @ K.B. Woodward, Surrey BC


October 2015, Freekicks embarked on its 3rd local Backyard Program that took us into the city of Surrey, BC to an inner-city elementary school named K.B. Woodward, which is located in the Whalley area. This was Freekicks' first project in Surrey and the Impact team wasn't sure what to expect due to the previous schools both being in Vancouver. The Impact Coaches consisted of Justus Mirembe, Arlo Rose, Ella Maser, Adam Aziz, and the wonderful and talented Freekicks Director, Catherine Robertson who helped arrange for us to go into K.B. Woodward. On the first day of the program with the unknown feelings of how the students would react to a new group on their environment. With the anticipations high as the students approached the field, we were met with huge smiles and excitement, from then on the 2-weeks went incredibly well and a great bond was made between the students and us. Many of the students commented on how Freekicks has made a difference in them. One student mentioned, "That before Freekicks I was all about taking from the world and now I want to give back to the world". Once Adam heard this he knew instantly that the impact made would forever change their lives. Freekicks coached 40 students during their time at K.B. and now we look forward to meeting up again at next year's Spirit of Togetherness in 2016. 


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