Freekicks Backyard @ MacDonald Elementary, Vancouver BC took coaches Wes Knight, Ella Masar, and Nigel Marples to MacDonald Elementary School and had a great time delivering four separate coaching sessions to over 50 students. Initially, the coaches found the experience quite challenging as the kids were cautious and wary of them.  But by the end of the first session, the students had accepted the coaches into their circle and trusted that their intentions were pure and honest.  During every session, the coaches shared personal stories of overcoming diversity throughout their lives and careers.  Through this sharing, the students were able to relate -  and afterward, approached many of the coaches individually to share back some of the issues that they are faced with in their day-to-day lives.  With this bonding process, deep friendships were made and the kids were excited to have be a part of their school.  As the sessions drew to a close, the students made staff a thank you letter and were sad to see the coaches leave. returned to MacDonald in the Spring 2015 to present the students with brand new uniforms as a surprise gift - updated photos are now below.  

Presenting equipment
New equipment