Freekicks Backyard @ Old Yale Road Elementary, Surrey BC 

Freekicks' second Backyard program in Surrey took us to Yale Old Road Elementary, which is situated in the Whalley area of the city. The program began on May 3rd, 2016, and we spent 2-weeks with these amazing students, getting to know them and making some awesome new friends. The Impact Coaches were, Nigel Marples, Denzil Williams, Kim McMullen, Darren Potts, Catherine Robertson (organizer), and Adam Aziz, and these guys rocked it! The students were blown away by the love and compassion they received from the coaches, one student commented in his own words "Why are you guys so nice? I have never had someone been so nice to me in my life". Many similar stories were created throughout the 2-weeks and once the program had finished the students got to show their appreciation when they hosted Kim, Catherine and Adam at their assembly, we were presented a fantastic thank-you card and thoughtful video of their highlights from the program. We plan to see Old Yale Road at our Spirit of Togetherness this Sept 2016 in West Vancouver.