Freekicks Backyard


Freekicks believes that charity must first start at home, then spread around the world. Our local program - “Freekicks Backyard” - is a fantastic way to connect with our leaders of tomorrow (youth) within our own country.  We identify the most at-risk and underfunded elementary schools with which to share the Freekicks message.

A Message of Hope


Freekicks Backyard imparts a message of hope.  We believe that catching a child's brain while they are active is the best way to release the message into a child's heart

Positive & Compassion


It is our strong conviction to teach children to become positive and compassionate individuals as they struggle with the daily hardships that life throws at them. 



At the completion of our "Freekicks Backyard" sessions, we provide uniforms and equipment (cones, balls, goals, pinnies, goal keeper equipment, shin pads) for the students to use throughout the school year.