Freekicks International


"Freekicks International" takes the Freekicks message of hope, peace and belief to developing countries around the world.  We not only provide soccer equipment and on-field coaching, but we build and repair infrastructure (nets and pitch).  In addition, we identify the most pressing social and health concerns within the country that we are working in and integrate a plan to help with the problem.  

Social & Health Concerns


Developing countries face pressing environmental and health concerns on a daily basis.  Freekicks assists local communities to overcome the issues.    


HIV/Aids is still a major health concern within Africa, and Freekicks works with local NGOs to integrate testing into all of our tournaments throughout Uganda.  We have found that participants  in our tournaments freely choose to be tested, and we have provided over 250 free tests to the citizens of Uganda.  


Another serious health concern within Africa is Malaria.  Freekicks noticed that most of the kids that we coached were sleeping without mosquito nets in high-risk Malaria areas.  To combat this concern, Freekicks provides mosquito nets to schools, hospitals and local residents to protect them from the potentially deadly parasite.  


A Message of Hope


It is our strong conviction to teach the children and youth that we work with to become positive and compassionate individuals as they struggle with the daily hardships that life throws at them. 


Children and youth in developing countries face different challenges than those in the Western world.  Many live in abject poverty and face other serious social and cultural concerns. 


Freekicks’ role in Uganda is to bring a message that instills belief among the youth around the world.  We connect with the children and discuss topics such as diversity, hardships, choices, hard work, communication and love.  Freekicks brings a message to all children - boys and girls - because we believe that women are the backbone of any country and need to be uplifted and provided with equal opportunity.  


Equipment & Infrastructure


In the past two years, Freekicks has provided over 300 pairs of used soccer boots to children and youth in Uganda.  Many of these children have never worn a pair of soccer boots, and grew up playing in bare feet. 


Much of the football infrastructure in Uganda is either non-existent or in dire need of repair.  Football pitches are rarely groomed and are often full of potholes and glass making it very dangerous for kids to play in bare feet.  Many goal posts are made of reused wood and are barely holding together. 


During Freekicks’ first mission to Uganda in 2013, we built the very first metal, transportable goal nets (which reside in Kasese), and we built/repaired a soccer pitch in Kasese.  On our second mission in 2015, we repaired the wood goal nets at Kiira Elementary School soccer pitch in Jinja.