Adam Aziz - Founder (Bio in name)


Birth-town:  Dagenham, England

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC

Favorite Soccer Team:  Tottenham Hotspurs

Favorite Activities: Soccer, Traveling, Making new Friends, Snowboarding, Skiing, Beach Life, Reading, Fishing, cooking, sending time with family and friends

Travel Experience: Every continent apart from Antarctica (hopefully one day)

Volunteer Experience:  Asst. Head Coach, Canada Power Chair Soccer Team, Coastal Church

Philosophy: I have two; "To know God is to know you" and "Always leave a place better than how you found it". 

Meet the Freekicks Team.  


The Freekicks story started in 2012 with Founder Adam Aziz.  Adam had a vision for making the world a better place through the game of soccer, and had the desire to utilize his coaching skills to create a positive impact in deprived communities.  Shortly after, Adam met Justus through a mutual friend.  Justus and Adam had their first “official” meeting at a Tim Horton’s, where Adam shared his plans for the International Program in Uganda. Since Justus is Ugandan-born, their friendship was a natural fit.  Based on Adam’s story and vision, Justus was filled with a burning desire.  He thought to himself: “Here is someone not even from Uganda and is willing to help my country, and I am from Uganda and haven’t done anything”.  That thinking is what propelled Justus to get involved with Freekicks. 



Justus Mirembe -
Director of Operations (Bio in name)


Birth-town: Jinja, Uganda

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Activities: Soccer, Travel, Volleyball, Missionary Work (especially involving helping kids), Table Tennis

Travel Experience: London, Amsterdam, Kigali, Nairobi, Mombasa, Addis Ababa

Philosophy: Failure is not an option

Marian Gabas -
Freekicks Impact Coach


Birth-town: Levice, Slovakia

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Favorite Soccer Team: FC Barcelona

Favorite Activities: Travel, Sports, Soccer

Travel/Volunteer Experience: China, Europe, Hawaii

Philosophy: Every player or a student is unique and has to be treated in its own unique way

Best FK Moment: "Coming back to the same schools after some time away and meeting the same students, and getting to see their changes and impact of FK has in their lives".

Enrique Ostos -
Freekicks Chaplin & Impact Coach


Birth-town: Ibague - Colombia

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Favorite Soccer Team: Colombia's National Team of course!

Favorite Activities: Playing electric guitar, reading books, spending time with friends and family

Travel Experience: I have traveled to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Bahamas, Maui, USA

Philosophy: Love, Do good, Pray

Best FK Moment: Going to Medellin Colombia to play soccer with the kids and bringing Soccer supplies!

Eneida Ferreria- 
Freekicks Impact Coach

Birth-town: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hometown: Vancouver, BC 

Favorite Soccer Team: Corinthians & Brasil during WC

Favorite Activities: Creating memories with people I love

Travel Experience: Missions to South Africa & Colombia; Leisure: Peru, US, Canada

Philosophy: "Everything that is good can always get better. We just need to be all doing our part to contribute"

Best FK Moment: One of my favorite FK moments happened during our Colombia trip. I'll never forget how much fun the kids were having when you, Mr. Cute, Mr. Google and Rex were playing the cookies game. We all had a blast!!

Arlo Rose - 
Freekicks Impact Coach

Birth-town: Wellington, New Zealand

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite Soccer Team: Ajax FC

Favorite Activities: Love cooking, fishing and coaching and playing football

Travel Experience: Lived in Vancouver, BC

Philosophy: "Be kind to everyone!"

Best FK Moment: Learning a lot coaching about the beautiful game from Adam and Micheal the barber

Nigel Marples -
Freekicks Impact Coach


Birth-town: Vancouver, BC

Hometown: Delta, BC

Favourite Soccer Team: Manchester United FC

Favourite Activities: Coaching, hiking, working out, outdoor sports, relaxing, spending time with family and friends. 

Travel Experience: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Holland, U.S.

Volunteer Experience:  Helping Hands Rescue Mission, Philadelphia, PA

Philosophy: Each day is an opportunity to improve, grow, learn.