Justus Mirembe


Originally from Uganda, Justus moved to Canada almost 15 years ago to join his family in Vancouver. He pursued his undergrad in Criminology at Douglas College before continuing with his post-Grad Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation, majoring in Crime and Intelligence at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  Justus is an Enforcement Officer with a Federal Department where he has worked for over ten years. 


Justus is very passionate about his volunteer work and as a result, gives up his vacation time to fulfill his duties with Freekicks and other organizations for which he volunteers.  Justus is not only the Director of Operations for Freekicks, but he is currently the President of the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association.  He was among the first group to travel to Uganda with Freekicks in October 2013 and played a huge role in coordinating the various soccer academies that benefited over 2000 young men and women in many villages, towns, and schools across Uganda.  Justus is looking forward to continuing his work with Freekicks for many years to come.