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We had the greatest pleasure in hosting our 2nd annual Spirit of Togetherness Elementary Soccer Tournament, on September 23rd 2016 at Ambleside Turf in West Vancouver. With the success from last years' tournament we raised the number of schools to 10 (5 West Vancouver, 3 Vancouver and 2 Surrey Schools). It was a blast from start to finish and even though it rained every moment of the day the Smiles kept growing throughout. Each student was given a full uniform to keep and if needed soccer cleats and shin-pads. We started off the morning with a pancake breakfast from the West Vancouver Community Club for everyone, then we moved on to the games where each team played a minimum of 4 games. Every team represented a country and all students were mixed up within the teams, the reason we love this is because the students get to make new friends across our the Lower Mainland. At lunchtime we stopped and enjoyed our lunches donated from Fresh St Market, it was great to see all the students chatting and sharing stories with the other fellow students. All the students and volunteers mentioned how impactful the day had been and it will forever be in their memories. After lunch we finished with a few more games and then sat down to share our hearts before we said our good-byes. 

       A huge thank-you to all our Volunteers, Impact Coaches and Sponsors!