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Filmed before the event by Novus TV

Filmed during the event by Novus TV. 

SPIRIT OF TOGETHERNESS - Friday, September 25th 2015


Britannia Elementary - Sir William Macdonald Elementary - Gleneagles Elementary - K.B. Woodward Elementary - Collingwood Elementary - Ridgeview Elementary


Freekicks hosted a soccer tournament in West Vancouver for 6 schools, 3 inner-city and 3 non inner-city elementary schools. There was no cost to the schools and no winner trophies to be won. In addition to the games we provided lunch (and a nutritionist speaker) and full uniform for the players to keep. "Spirit of Togetherness" is not about the winning but the coming together from all different parts of the city to make new friends. Each team was mixed up with 2 students from each school to form one of the countries below.